What are Physical Fitness and 5 Basic Components 2021?

As you know, there are lots of articles and videos are available about Fitness. You know that what is Physical fitness and why is it important? But you Know What is the basics of Fitness? In this article, you learned that What is Physical Fitness in 2021? and the type of Components of Physical Fitness? so, let’s Started to know about that.

What is Physical Fitness?

Sometimes you observed that you are doing work like climbs the stairs. We climb the stairs of floors after that, we exhaustion too much or When we do a gym exercise we fatigue that like. in that way we do a particular task in our daily routine, whatever like doing walking, running, swimming, cooking, weightlifting in our daily activities. We do any kind of work Easily in our daily routine without any Exhaustion is called Physical Fitness. now we are talking about what is the 5 components of physical fitness and how they work for your fitness.

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5 Components of Physical Fitness?

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1.Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular Endurance is our lungs and heart have an ability due to which oxygen provides reach blood to the tissue of working muscle and as well as also tells how to utilize it and produce energy for our body movements. An example would be playing football.

2.Muscular Strength

Muscular Strength is an ability due to which we feel mighty. this is an ability how to our muscles producing force energy doing a particular work. An example would be pushing a car.

3.Muscular Endurance

Muscular Endurance is the expertise of muscles which we do work continuously perform without tiredness like playing football without exhaustion.


Flexibility is an ability to our body which each joint of our body moves full range of motion like if your shoulder moves a full range of motion that means it is flexible.

5.Body Composition

our body made a different type of element like fat, bones, muscle, organ and so on is called body composition. In fitness, we generally consider fat or muscle because it’s visible easily.

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