What is meditation & Why you need to meditate?

Some people think that meditation is yoga, but let us tell you that is a huge difference between the two. Yoga trains the body, meditation trains the brain. Meditation refers to focused meditation, the purpose of which is to make people feel at ease. 

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is an act in which people try to bring their thoughts into a certain state of consciousness, which ranges from calming our thoughts to generating energy or inner vitality that brings positive and happy things into our lives. With its help, a person can achieve their goals by focusing on their goals. The practice of meditation has not appeared recently, but people have been using it since ancient times to improve peace and concentration.

Why you need to Meditate?

The side effects of meditation are numerous and positive. Studies have shown that people who meditate frequently are less likely to suffer from illness, stress, and rest. But one of the most convincing reasons for meditation is that the meditation process is sublime.

Meditation does not depend on the outcome, but the act of meditation will bring happiness and make the person in a state of satisfaction and clear consciousness during the meditation training, not just at the end of the training. Equal to the end, learning has no beginning and no end.

These days, we are constantly under the impact of pressure. Television, noise pollution, arguments, anger or jealousy and the like bombard us with harmful energy.

To counteract this negative and negative overwhelming force, we need a higher force gathered within us. Meditation connects us to this internal storage room for cleansing and enlightening energy.

Can Diseases cause by industrial complex in past?

In the past, nature surrounded people in their daily activities and rituals of existence. There are no artificial sound vibrations in mobile phones or devices; in cities, there is no stress or disease caused by industrial complexes.

There is the rush of water, the roar of the wind, the beauty of the stars in the sky, and the smell of the earth.

There is a natural rhythm in all walks of life. People plant seeds in it, turn them into food, and then turn them into food. When they look at the cycle of nature, they feel a connection with nature.

Today, we can live without direct contact with nature. We live in an artificially controlled climate, and we collect food in fast-food restaurants or factory pre-packaged stores.

We invite you to completely separate yourself from yourself, the origin of nature, and the organic and primitive rhythm of life.

Meditation allows us to easily, comfortably, and patiently step into these lost natural and aesthetic rhythms to close the world around us, let go of our bodies, and get rid of our minds that may or may not build up in the process Anyone who lives under pressure.

Meditation does not cost anything, has no harmful side effects, and does not increase the calorie or cholesterol content in the body.

It is addictive to drugs and alcohol, but it enhances the happiness of the practitioners, which is usually higher than the strong natural feeling caused by drugs, and the component of meditation is one of them.

What could be it ?

The human body is a complex creation. In the brain, the human body naturally produces drugs that are hundreds of times more effective than drugs.

Mysterious hormones and chemicals can provide incredible energy and happiness, and this is just one of the amazing side effects of meditation practice.

Meditation is different for different people. Some people use it instead of psychotherapy or in addition to psychotherapy. Others see it as a more valuable tool for improving sports or professional performance, as well as improving memory and other mental functions.

Help them cope with the consequences of pain or trauma or tragedy, and restore satisfaction and appreciation for the beauty of life. Some people use meditation as a creative tool to inspire them to do art.

Meditation provides us with stronger and longer-lasting strength, sexual energy, and sedation because the sedative effect it provides is comparable to deep sleep and abnormally peaceful sleep. There are countless reasons for meditation.

One way to make the world better, calmer, and more harmonious is to allow all of us to spend some time in our busy lives and stop drinking in the spiritual oasis of meditation practice.

How many types of Meditation?

Breathe Watching  

Would it be so easy to focus on just a few minutes of breathing? You can place a bet. Relax to the position that suits you best, close your eyes and observe your breathing. When breathing through the nose, the diaphragm is activated and absorbs oxygen. To your lungs. When your thinking is confused, just focus on the air inside and outside your nose. Once you get used to it, it only takes a few minutes or longer.

Meditate with an open mind

Meditation can create a kind of “awareness without a goal” so that all your thoughts are awake. These techniques include often sitting still in a “full belly lotus” or cross-legged posture and calming the mind on its own. This can be a challenge, especially because any effort seems to make you think about new things to do.

Walking meditation

The body is involved. It can be outdoors, or it can be like the rhythm in the room. When walking, please pay attention to the movements of your legs, breathing and body movements, and how your feet touch the ground. It just keeps returning to walking and breathing. Due to distractions, this type of outdoor meditation can be difficult. If you are doing this outdoors, please find a quiet, level place.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness is a practice that Buddhists call Vipassana (Vipassana). This is the art of understanding things deeply. You focus on what is happening around and around you, and you are aware of all the thoughts and feelings that transfer energy from one moment to the next. You can start by observing the breath, and then focus on the thoughts that appear in your mind, the sensations of your body, and even the sounds and images around you. The key is to observe without judgment or analysis.

Simple mantra meditation

Many people find it easier to avoid incoherent words when they focus on specific things. Mantra can help you. It is a word or phrase that you repeat in meditation and is selected by a skilled teacher in some traditions. Doing this work yourself means you can use any word or phrase that suits you and your choice. When meditating, repeat this operation loudly or mentally. 

Consider this concept 

Some meditation exercises involve thinking about ideas or scripts. An example is “Impermanence Meditation”, where you focus on the impermanence of everything, coming and going from thoughts and feelings.

In Buddhist “corpse meditation”, you imagine a corpse lying on the ground, slowly decomposing and feeding on worms. You can try many other meditations, such as B.

Affinity meditation or object meditation, or even brainwave meditation. Inherent benefits and effects, Therefore, you can use different types of meditation at different times and for different purposes.

What is a Effect of Meditation ?

When Western scientists began to study the personal effects of speculation in the 1970s, Jon Kabat-Zinn. They discovered that as meditators relax, heart rate, sweating, and other signs of stress decrease. Except for the long term.

In 1992, Davidson was invited by the 14th Dalai Lama to travel to the northern part of the Indian Republic to outline the brains of the monks of the world’s top meditators. Davidson went to Bharat with his laptop.

The computer, generator, and EEG recorder started working. Now, the monks go to their BISE laboratory, where they chew or look at pictures with magnetic imaging equipment.

The answer to understanding how they regulate the excitement response. Any activity included will create new avenues and enhance certain areas of thought.

Harvard University neuroscientist Stephen Cosslin (Stephen Cosslin) said in “The Sense of Sound” published in the “New York Times” on September 14, 2003: “This is consistent with all neuroscience literature.” If You do something, you can even play table tennis.

For 20 years, eight hours a day, some things in your mind will be different from those who don’t. It must be easy.

The monk modeled three modes.

  •  Focusing on an object for a long time.  
  • The State Council stated that it develops compassion by thinking about situations that generate anger and turn negative emotions into sympathy. 
  •  Exist publicly – Very aware of any thoughts, emotions, or feelings that came up but did not respond.

Davidson knew that this would affect the brains of monks, so he decided to understand that it would affect novices. He started meditating with 41 employees of a biotech company near Wisconsin.

Reeve (Psychosomatic Medicine 65: 564 & 570, 2003)) Enlightened Mindfulness (John Kabat-Zinn) teaches a form of reducing accent, which can promote people’s fair understanding of the present. They will spend 7 hours Learn this practice in retreats and weekly meetings, and ask these participants to consider Clarence six days a day, 60 minutes a day.

They measured their brains eight weeks before the class and four months later. Sixteen participants The control personnel did not believe that they had received the flu vaccine or they had to test the immune response.

The researchers collected blood samples from them a month later, and two months after the injection, they found that the meditators had more antibodies. As non-meditators, they fight the flu virus.

Meditation can make you feel calm, peaceful, and balanced, which will benefit your emotional health and overall health. When the meditation session ends, these benefits are not over. Help you manage the symptoms of certain diseases.

How To Train Your Brain To Keep You Healthy And Happy

In any case, scientists have shown that internal changes are the only things that can bring you health and happiness. Everything else is fantasy. what does that mean? The brain is the only thing that makes you healthy and happy.

What to do when you are unhappy? Do you want to eat? Do you go to the cinema? Maybe the theater? Are you shopping?

Neuroscientist Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin and John Kabat-Zinn of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center have just completed some interesting studies that can benefit you. And my way of life and ours.

They selected a group of 41 stressed but healthy people who worked at a biotech company in Wisconsin. Twenty-five people received meditation training. In this case: mindfulness meditation. 3 hours of meditation class per week. After six weeks, everyone participated in a seven-hour retreat.

In addition, each participant was asked to meditate on a home meditation tape for one hour a day. Before the completion of the study, each group and did not receive meditation training.

At the end of the eight-week program in November, all participants were given the flu vaccine. guess what. “Members of the meditation group have significantly increased antibody levels,” in other words, they are less likely to contract the flu.

Maybe you like to drink to overcome unhappiness, or you want to jog. Or go to the gym? 

The essence seems to be. If you want to be healthy, overcome daily grief and stay happy, please learn to meditate. When you meditate, you change the way your brain works.

They also found that the more times you meditate, the better your daily performance. “We found that experienced practitioners showed unprecedented levels of brain activation.” His mental exercises affect the brain in the same way that golf or tennis improves performance.

This shows that the brain can be trained and changed in ways few people can imagine. (Richard Davidson) Therefore, it is useful to allow yourself to train your brain every day.


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